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Smile Makeover

Smile MakeoverA smile makeover is a process that is designed to enhance the appearance of your smile using cosmetic procedures. Our Agoura Hills smile makeover expert will consider your facial features, the shape of your smile, your coloring and the size and shape of your teeth when planning your smile makeover. We will explore various treatments and discuss your needs and concerns.

Smile Makeover Agoura Hills

Our expert in smile makeover in Agoura Hills can make many major or minor adjustments in the look of your smile, including:

•    Alignment
A properly aligned smile is attractive and tends to be healthier than a crooked or poorly spaced smile. We offer several orthodontic treatments that can give you the smile of your dreams.

•    Balance
Our expert in smile makeover in Agoura Hills may recommend dental bonding or dental veneers to correct cracks, chips and worn areas to create a harmonious, well-balanced smile.

•    Color
Yellow, gray and brown teeth can really take away from your smile. Our Agoura Hills smile makeover expert may recommend teeth whitening, which uses powerful peroxide solutions to bleach the stains away, or porcelain veneers, which cover the stains and give you a gleaming, stain-free smile that can last for years.

•    Missing teeth
An unsightly gap can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance or even make you reluctant to smile. We can replace missing teeth with dental implants, dental bridges or dentures for a fully customized solution.

Our expert in smile makeover in Agoura Hills will create a treatment plan that helps you achieve the exact smile that you want. His work has been showcased in multiple media outlets, and he customizes results to meet the needs of each patient. We can explore a variety of treatments and treatment alternatives and give you a preview of your new smile. The process can take place over a period of months or just a few dental appointments. Taking care of your new smile will help it last longer. Good dental hygiene and routine checkups are recommended to reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and premature failure of any restorations. Contact our office today to learn more about smile makeovers or to schedule your appointment with our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist.